Initial Scheduling Requests

This form is for initial testimony scheduling requests, only. If you have already submitted a request via this form, or by emailing or calling us, using this form again for the same case will delay our response. Instead, call or email (, and reference the TS tracking number (TS-xxx) you already received. If you think that a form may have been submitted, but do not know the tracking number, please email us and provide the defendant's name and court case number, along with the status of the case. We will provide you with the tracking number.

If you need information on the general availability for a witness, or would like to schedule a phone call with a witness, please email You can also call 303-440-4500 and press 2 at the prompt.

If you've already made a request, and have your tracking number, you can check your status online.

Finally, this form isn't for rescheduling, or cancelling existing requests. We'll have a way of doing those things online soon, but for now, please contact us via email or phone. Attempting to use this form for those purposes will result in delays.

Contact Information

New: You can provide multiple email addresses, comma-separated.

Logistical Information

Please list anyone you have endorsed. You can put more than one name in the field. Submit one ticket per case.

To prevent ambiguity, dates must be written as either YYYY-MM-DD or MM/DD/YYYY.

The last date is Only necessary for trials LONGER than 1 week.

Include state if not Colorado.
Name & City

Case Information

Due to the variety of cases we deal with, no particular field in this section is required.
But make sure you provide all relevant fields, to expedite processing.
Introduce evidence Choose at least one of the three.
Testify to effect
See above regarding dates.


If you want to reschedule or cancel an existing request, please email us with your existing tracking number.
You can attach up to six files here. The files can't be larger than 20 MB each, but we suggest you email us anything larger than 2 MB. If you do attach six, or attach very large files, it can take a long time for the form to submit. Please be patient.
If you need to send us more files, or larger files, please submit this form with the most critical files. You'll be provided with a tracking number (TS-xxx). Email the other files to, including that tracking number in the subject.

All done?

This form is ONLY for initial scheduling requests.
Updates must be emailed to