Medication Monitoring

ChemaTox Laboratory is a valuable team member in pain management. The information provided by medication …

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The field of Pharmacogenetics aids physicians in providing more personalized medicine for their patients.

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Forensic Toxicology

ChemaTox Laboratory has been providing forensic toxicology services to the law enforcement, coroner …

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CLIA Certified

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ChemaTox Laboratory, Inc.

ChemaTox Laboratory has been providing high quality toxicology testing since 1977.  ChemaTox provides toxicology services to the medical community and the legal community.  Our extremely knowledgeable team of analysts work with state-of-the-art equipment to provide the high quality testing for every client, every time.

We are nationally licensed in several state regulatory programs, and adhere to guidelines stipulated by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act.  Additionally, ChemaTox maintains the highest quality assurance standards.

ChemaTox Laboratory is fully accredited and provides services in Pain Management, Pharmacogenetic Testing, Drug Testing, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, and Forensic Toxicology.