Questions about the closure


Why are you closing?
On June 6, 2019, CBI announced that they would no longer be charging for toxicology testing effective July 1, 2019. This change came about after Colorado legislators chose to fund the cost of CBI’s toxicology testing with Colorado tax dollars. ChemaTox was not notified about the intended changes by anyone in state government, nor were we consulted in any capacity prior to the change. As the primary provider of the law enforcement toxicology testing services in the state of Colorado, this rapid change has had a swift and profound effect on our ability to operate. We explored many options attempting to save the company and it’s 25 full time employees from this sudden closure. However, with the loss of all but a few of our clients in the first two weeks of July and the continued drop off as the month goes on, little could be done in the short time we had leaving us with no other option but to close our laboratory.
What is the time line for the closure?
Our last day accepting samples will be July 31, 2019. Any cases received after this date will be transferred with the appropriate chain of custody to CBI for testing. By mid September we expect all reports to be reviewed and issued for our final samples. In October we will relocate all evidence to appropriate locations and vacate our building. Starting November 2019 services will be limited to consulting, testimony, and litigation support. ChemaTox will maintain all records for the required storage time and will continue to provide litigation support for all cases tested by ChemaTox indefinitely.
Is the closure due to the Becton Dickinson (BD) Vacutainer® blood collection tube recall?

ChemaTox was not affected by the recall, please see the June 2019 letter we sent out.

Did something go wrong at ChemaTox to cause this closure?

This closure is solely due to forces outside of our control. This is NOT due to any issues with ChemaTox testing or employees.

What can I do to help?

We appreciate all the kind words and well wishes we have been receiving. During this busy time it is helpful if you can email us these messages. Emails can be sent to [email protected] and will be shared with the company.

We have many employees looking for jobs in the Denver metro area. If you are aware of any relevant job openings this information can be sent to [email protected] as well.


Who is CBI?
Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Forensic Services

We suggest familiarizing yourself with their Toxicology services.

Who should I contact at CBI?
Please contact Dan Anderson, the Laboratory Manager of CBI’s Toxicology Forensic Services, at 303-463-7020 or [email protected]
Can CBI retest a sample ChemaTox originally tested if there are scheduling conflicts for the ChemaTox analyst requested?
No, CBI is not currently offering that service. ChemaTox will support the Criminal Justice process to the best of our ability and work to reschedule testimony.
Where can I find more information about what services CBI is offering?


I have some ChemaTox kits that are unused, what should I do?

CBI is accepting samples submitted in ChemaTox kits and would appreciate the use of CBI’s Request for Laboratory Examination Form (RFLE) in place of the ChemaTox form.

Orders for CBI's Blood Collection kits can be made through TriTech Forensics. See CBI's recent FAQs for TriTech ordering information.

All ChemaTox kits should be readdressed to

CBI – Toxicology
6000 W. 54th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002-4021


My sample was sent to ChemaTox and I want to have the 2nd sample tested, where is it?
Through September 2019, ChemaTox will maintain all samples, and logistics about final permanent storage will be forth coming.
I wanted to have ChemaTox test a 2nd sample, who should we send it to?
Please see this list of State Certified Toxicology Laboratories, provided by CDHPE, or check their web site.
ChemaTox did testing for my case, will anyone be able to testify at the trial?
At this time all of our toxicologists will be remaining in Colorado and will be available as contract employees to testify in their cases. To facilitate testimony scheduling, and expert letter or case review requests please continue to submit your requests directly through the ChemaTox website.
How do I request a litigation packet for testing performed by ChemaTox?
Please submit your request using our Lit Packet form.
How do I request a case review or expert letter?
Please submit your case using our Case Review form.
I have a case where ChemaTox did not do the testing and I want a toxicologist to review it, can you do that?
Yes. Please submit your case using our Case Review form.
How long will the web portal remain active after ChemaTox closes?
The web portal will remain active for the duration of time needed to provide all litigation support material needed for any case ChemaTox performed testing on.
I have a question about a report and would like to talk to a toxicologist about this result. How do I contact a toxicologist?
Please email us at [email protected] and we will make arrangements for you to talk to a toxicologist.